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Prices and specifications of the Kawasaki W175 Cafe 2019

Kawasaki W175 
Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) has just released the latest retro motorbike called "Kawasaki W175 Cafe". As the name implies, this motorbike adopts a Cafe Racer-style design that has a classic, sporty and elegant appearance. The display is a little different from the standard W175, because it has been given some additional accessories and confirmation of Cafe Racer's image as an addition to some of the changes.

The changes are not too many, so the price of the Cafe Kawasaki W175 is still affordable and not much different from the standard or special edition (SE) variants which were first marketed in Indonesia. The specifications of this motorbike are also the same as other variants, which are powered by a 177cc capacity engine that still uses a carburetor combustion system. Well, the distinctive feature of the W175 is not injection, so you doesn't mind the shortcomings.

Kawasaki deliberately designed the W175 with a carburetor combustion system to keep the classic impression attached to this motorbike. The use of carburetors also makes the W175 engine easily modified in various styles, such as custom motorbikes, President Jokowi, who both use the W175 base. For performance, actually this motorbike can go fast enough and has a responsive and economical engine. So you could say the fuel consumption is not much different from motorbike sport in its class that already uses the injection system.

Maybe many people think that the Kawasaki W175 Cafe is a wasteful gasoline engine because the engine hasn't been injected. Though this motorbike is classified as very economical with an average fuel consumption reaching 35.6 km / liter. There are still many other advantages that the W175 Cafe has. Now to find out all these advantages, please bro, refer to the review of specifications and prices of the following Kawasaki W175 Cafe.

The classic feel remains radiant on the W175 Kawasaki Cafe like an old-fashioned retro motorbike. But the difference between the W175 Cafe and the other W175 variants is having a small Visor above the headlamp. The visor has a simple design and is wrapped in matching body colors which indirectly makes the appearance of the Cafe W175 more sporty. Besides that, there is also a kneepad and rear suspension wrapped in gold.

The rear fender is also made shorter and equipped with a peashooter exhaust with Chrome colored protectors. Then there are cafe racer-style seats that are wrapped in dual tone colors (black-brown) and on the back are thicker to reinforce the flow of cafe style carried by this motorbike. All these changes make the appearance of the Kawasaki W175 look more classic and elegant.

Then the matter of dimensions, the Kawasaki W175 has a slightly longer size than the standard W175. Where it has a width of 765 mm, a length of 1,940 mm and a height of 1,045 mm. Besides that, this motor has a wheel axis of 1,275 mm and a ground clerance of 165 mm. Then for the weight of 126 kg, making this motorbike more comfortable to drive when accelerating and maneuvering.

The lightweight handling is one of the advantages of the Kawasaki W175 Cafe. This motorbike provides you as the owner with exciting driving comfort and is not tiring when used to drive long distances or close distances. Besides that, Kawasaki equipped it with a round headlamp and radius wheels. The lamp is still an ordinary bulb, so don't expect the W175 to use LED technology.

for the heart pacemaker sector, the W175 Kawasaki is equipped with a 177cc capacity engine with a carburetor combustion system. The engine is capable of spraying power of 13 PS at 7,500 rpm engine speed and peak torque of 13.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The power and torque are standard, but this motor has a light weight which makes the acceleration even more optimal.

The Kawasaki W175 Cafe is also equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission system that makes it more comfortable to drive. Then there is the air cooled system to stabilize the temperature of the Cafe W175 engine which has a compression ratio of 9.1: 1. Not only that, Kawasaki also equipped it with the Mikuni VM24 carburetor which proved to make the W175 Cafe's performance more responsive and kept it fuel efficient.

For the sector the legs are still the same as the other W175. This motorbike still uses a telescopic front suspension which is wrapped in a black protector that serves to protect the shockbreaker tube and add a classic impression. Then for the back is equipped with a double shockbraker wrapped in gold. The two suspensions have a rebound that is quite soft, thus adding comfort when driving.

In terms of braking the Kawasaki W175 is far from the modern word. This motorbike is designed as simple as possible, so Kawasaki only supplies it with drum rear brakes. While for the front has used disc brakes. Both of these brakes are still reliable in stopping the vehicle, so you don't need to worry about security when riding this motorcycle. But we recommend that you do not drive when the road is slippery, because in reality ABS is not equipped.

As we said above, Kawasaki W175 Cafe has alloy wheels with fingers. The wheels are combined with front tires that have 80/70-R17 size and rear 100/90-R17. The tire he uses is not a tubeless tire, but a tubetype tire that requires an inner tube. So naturally if this motorbike has not used tubeless tires, because the true radius of the fingers can not use tubeless tires.

Unfortunately there are no reliable features that we can match deeper. This motorbike feature is classified as standard like the old motorbike that confirms the classic impression. Similarly, the full analog speedometer and headlamp are still ordinary bulbs. Well, the advantage of this motorbike is not the features, but the classic design that looks elegant and timeless. Oh yeah, this motorbike is also not equipped with a kick starter and only relies on the electric starter to start the engine.

On the other hand, the Kawasaki W175 has a 13.5 Liter capacity tank wrapped in 3 color choices, namely Pearl Brilliant Yellow, Candy Fire Red and Metallic Flat Graystone. The three color choices are quite interesting, because they look fresher and sportier than the Kawasaki W175 SE colors which are more elegant and classic. Now after knowing all the designs and advantages it has, now it's our turn to discuss the price of the Cafe W175 Kawasaki.


Before entering into the discussion of the price of the Cafe W175 Kawasaki, please refer to the specification table above. You could say the specifications of this modern retro motorbike are quite standard, because this motorbike emphasizes the design aspects that look classic and elegant. About the performance is also quite good and comparable to the price of the Cafe Kawasaki W175 which is priced at 30 million. Now to find out exactly how much it costs, please check below.


Currently Kawasaki has 3 W175 variants, namely the Standard type, Special Edition, and the latest is the Kawasaki W175 Cafe. The three are equally affordable at a price not up to 35 Million Rupiah. But for those of you who are more interested in buying a W175 Cafe, you have to spend Rp. 32.6 million. The price of the Cafe W175 Kawasaki is the price of OTR Jakarta, so it's likely to be different if you buy it outside Jakarta.

Well, the price of the Cafe Kawasaki W175 is a little different than the other variants. Even so, this Kawasaki retro motorbike is equipped with several additional accessories that make the exterior look more sporty. As for the other specifications, it is made exactly the same as the standard or special edition variants, so please select one according to your taste and budget.

This motorbike does have advantages and disadvantages. But behind all that, the Kawasaki W175 Cafe offers iconic designs that seem to bring us to the past. The price of the Kawasaki W175 Cafe is also quite affordable and comparable to its cool and sporty design. Now only Masbro determines whether this motorbike is worth buying or not. 

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